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MBA at Savitribai Phule Pune University

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  • MBA at Savitribai Phule Pune University


Pune: Remote ‘MBA’ at Savitribai Phule Pune University this year’





Pune : Savitribai Phule Pune University Distance from this academic year;

It has also been decided to start ‘MBA’ course online.

Therefore, students and employees will be able to get good education in ‘MBA’ at low cost.

The admission process of ‘MBA’ of both these methods will start soon.

‘Distance MBA’ can be done through study centers in Pune, Nashik and Nagar

areas where the university has jurisdiction. Apart from this ‘Online MBA’ can be done online.

Opportunity for students and employees to study at low cost

‘MBA’ will be implemented by Savitribai Phule Pune University’s

Open and Distance Studies School (School of Open Learning) both.

As Pune University has ‘A Plus’ category of ‘NAC’, Distance; Also ‘MBA’ can be started online.

‘Distance MBA’ will be implemented in study centers in reputed colleges affiliated to the university.

Study centers in Pune, Nashik and Nagar have been selected for this.

Students will have to go to the center on Saturday and Sunday to study compulsory subjects.

‘Students need about two years of work experience to take admission in this course

and the admission process will be started in the next ten days.

Students who complete the course will get a degree from Pune University.

For admission to admission No entrance exam or merit list will be published.

‘The admission process will be implemented on the basis of ‘first come first admission.

Students will also get information about course information, branches, educational documents,

qualifications, fees, credits, session wise silabs, contacts etc.

on / this website,’

said Dr. Director of Open and Distance Studies School. Vaibhav Jadhav said.

‘Branches available for ‘MBA
■ Human Resource Management
■ Marketing Management
■ Financial Management
| Entrepreneurship Management
। Project Management
■ International Business Management
■ Operation and Supply Chain Management
■ Business Analytics

Going to

website launched by Savitribai Phule Pune University Open and Distance Studies School,

you have to enroll there online. ■ then has to confirm your admission to the college (study center) by

applying for admission and paying the fee…

This entire process will be done online. Admission of students will be determined after

submission of application and fee receipt to the study center.


■ What is the course fee ?

How to get 15 thousand 205 rupees

■ admission for one session for students who have completed their graduation from Pune University ?

And graduates of other universities will have to pay a fee of Rs.16 thousand 900 for admission to

■ ‘Distance MBA. This includes entrance fee, exam

Fees, self study materials etc. are included.

Therefore, ‘MBA’ can be done for approximately 61 thousand rupees.

Lakhs of rupees are charged in private and reputed universities for this course.

In this background, an appeal has been made on behalf of the university that more

students should participate in the admission process and confirm their admission.

■ ‘Online MBA’ soon ‘Online MBA’ will also be launched by Pune University soon.

This course will be fully implemented online and education can be taken from home.

A computerized system is being developed for this course. Students will be charged enough to afford it.


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