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The strategist Medvedev breaks

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  • The strategist Medvedev breaks Sinner's streaks

The strategist Medvedev breaks Sinner’s streaks




Seldom did any of the odds suggest that Daniil Medvedev would win in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Nevertheless, he took world No. 1 Jannik Sinner by surprise.

The fifth-ranked Medvedev came back from a set down and won 6-7(7) 6-4 7-6(4) 2-6 6-3 in the final set after saving two set points.

Medvedev, who is making his second consecutive trip to the semifinals, will next face Carlos Alcaraz, who defeated him at this same level a year ago before winning his maiden Wimbledon championship.

The 10th meeting in the rivalry between Alcaraz and Sinner—which would have been their second consecutive Grand Slam semifinal following a five-set match at Roland Garros—had been alluded to in the form guide.

However, Medvedev stopped that, breaking multiple streaks in the process.
He had fallen short in the last five meetings with Sinner, including the 2024 Australian Open championship match.

Against opponents ranked in the top five, he had lost his last five games.
On grass, Halle champion Sinner had amassed a nine-match winning run.
On Tuesday, he stole the opening set from Medvedev to win his eighth straight.
Sinner had made it to the quarterfinals in 11 tournaments prior.

In addition, the defending champion of the Australian Open aimed for a third straight major semifinal and a second consecutive Wimbledon final.

“I’m hoping to capture a few more Grand Slam titles. I have confidence in myself.
I have confidence in my tennis skills. It’s always vital to me to look back on my career with no regrets.”
– Daniil Medvedev

This context made Medvedev’s ultimate triumph all the more surprising, and for the 28-year-old, more satisfying.
“For me, it was important to come out today and show that … I’m always going to be there, I’m always going to fight, I’m always going to try to make your life difficult,” Medvedev said.

“Maybe you’re going to win more; maybe I’m going to win more.
I don’t know, but I’m going to fight.
“Even if he won today, the goal was to show him that every time I’m going to be there to fight and to win. Today I managed to do it.”
Diving into more numbers, the on-court statistics did not indicate a Medvedev victory, either.

In nearly every statistical category, Sinner was in the lead: more winners, fewer double faults, a greater winning percentage on first and second serves, a better strike rate at the net, and an overall increase in points gained.

Nevertheless, Medvedev won out.

He admitted that Sinner wasn’t in peak physical condition; the world No. 1 disclosed that he had been struggling with illness and exhaustion.

But the tactical struggle was won by Medvedev. I thought he played cleverly. He was a good tennis player, Sinner said.
Medvedev, who has long been renowned for his deep return stance and ease when cruising the floor far behind the baseline, reversed that on Tuesday.
He was the one who attacked more frequently, making the move, and making Sinner traverse more ground.

He had begun their AO 2024 final with a comparable aggressive attitude but had learned a lot from that and other performances.

Medvedev stated, “Generally, I try to be closer to the baseline (on grass).”
“Many tactical things went well today. I believe that I performed a lot of excellent tactical work at the Australian Open. Even though I was unable to finish, I thought I was playing well. Today, I gave it a try. In my mind, the match went well since I didn’t consider the outcome in Australia. Before the fifth set, I wasn’t thinking, “Oh my God, it’s five sets again.

“No, my purpose was to fight and give it my all.” Was merely seeing it as a useful means of tactical preparation.

Similar to his recent record against Sinner, Medvedev struggled to win against Alcaraz before astonishingly winning the US Open semifinals the previous year.
That outcome occurred while Alcaraz was the reigning champion in New York, and when they play again on Friday, he will also be the reigning champion at Wimbledon.
If the same outcome occurs, Medvedev will play in his seventh major final and try to win a second time around—nearly three years after winning his only Grand Slam at the US Open in 2021.

“I make an effort. I give it my all in the fight. I’m hoping to win a few more Grand Slams,” Medvedev remarked.

“I have confidence in myself. I have confidence in my tennis skills. Having no regrets at the end of my career is something I constantly strive for. I did what I did, regardless of the titles and Grand Slams I have won. It’s finished now. It’s time for something fresh right now.


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The strategist Medvedev breaks Sinner's streaks


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