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Kuwait Amir Net worth

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  • Kuwait Amir Net worth

Kuwait Amir Net worth: Who is the Emir of Kuwait, with wealth worth thousands of crores, sent the bodies of 45 Indians by his plane



Kuwait Amir Net worth: A large number of Indian citizens go to Kuwait to work.

Today we will tell you about the immense wealth of the Emir of Kuwait.

Kuwait Amir Net worth: Kuwait is a Gulf country, where monarchy still prevails but the king here is called Amir. At present, the Emir of Kuwait is Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

His royal family is one of the richest families in the world. Recently 45 Indians have died in a fire incident in Kuwait. The Emir has said that the bodies of all Indian citizens will be sent to India by his plane. Apart from this, he has also talked about giving compensation.

The royal family of Kuwait has no shortage of money. This can be gauged from the fact that a Yahoo Finance report states that the net worth of the Al Sabah family is 360 billion dollars. That is, if we talk in Indian rupees, this amount is 30.07 lakh crores.

The Al Sabah family has been ruling Kuwait since 1752 AD. This family has also invested a lot of money in the American stock market. Where does the royal family of Kuwait get money from? Kuwait‘s main source of income is the oil reserves in the country.

Kuwait is a major producer and exporter of oil. In addition, a lot of foreign businesses are making investments in Kuwait these days. The Al Sabah family also owns shares in prestigious American corporations. The Al Sabah family has invested in numerous large global companies, which provide enormous benefits to the nation.

Kuwait’s special royal palace Like all kings, the Emir of Kuwait also has a special palace. The main royal palace of Kuwait is named Bayan Palace. This palace is so special that it cost 1045 crores to build it. Apart from this, a huge amount is also spent on the maintenance of this palace.

Talking about per capita income in Kuwait, according to the World Bank data, Kuwait’s GDP per capita is $41,079.5. If we convert it to Indian Rupees, it comes to around Rs 34.3 lakh.

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