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  • French fries are called frites.

Further Information about Frites





What is meant by frites?

French fries are called frites.

French fries are called frites in French. The word “fries” is used on menus in English-speaking nations to denote that the fries are made in the French or Belgian manner. However, the word is more frequently just used to give them a nicer tone. Frites is a word that is usually used in the plural.

For instance, authentic Belgian fries are often squared off at the edges and sliced to a specific thickness.

From where do frites originate?

The origin of the word “frites” in English is more certain than the origin of French fries, which are disputed to have originated in Belgium or France. Its origins are in the French term pommes frites, which translates to “fried potatoes.

In the same way that many English speakers simply say “fries” instead of “French fries,” many French speakers also commonly say “fries” instead of “apples frites.”

French fries, or fries as they are commonly called, are just potato strips that are deep-fried in oil until they are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Nonetheless, some purists contend that for fried potatoes to be considered frites, they have to be made in a certain manner that is connected with the type of frites that are seen in Belgium: they must be cut from fresh, fully peeled potatoes, soaked in water, and twice fried in animal fat.

But this isn’t the method used to make all fries known as frites. Outside of Belgium and France, the word “free” is often used as a pretentious way of referring to fries (much like mayo on American menus is sometimes called “aioli”).

The most common items on American menus that are referred to as “frites” are steak frites, which are classic French bistros staples.

Before you go out and get some fries, just to remind you, the word “free” is pronounced with a long E sound rather than an S at the end. (However, it’s usually safer to specify “freets” when placing your order to ensure that you don’t receive just one fritter. Don’t utter “frights,” though.

Are you aware of…?

What other variations exist for frites?

free (plural)
Which words can be substituted for frites?

British fries with chips
Which words have a root or word element in common with frites?

fry fryer
Which terms are frequently used when talking about frites?

Belgian bistro potatoes
French fat oil
In what practical ways are frites used?
Sometimes, American restaurants would refer to fries as frites to make them sound finer and increase their prices. But it’s probably worth it if they manage to make them properly.


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French fries are called frites.


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