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European Championship in 2024

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  • List of mascots for the European Championship in 2024

List of mascots for the European Championship in 2024


Here is a list of all the Euro mascots since their debut in 1980, as the 17th edition of the competition draws near.

Albert, a teddy bear, will serve as the official mascot for UEFA EURO 2024. Under the UEFA Football in Schools initiative, schoolchildren throughout Europe and users of cast votes to select the name.

Even though the UEFA Euro was founded in 1960, the competition’s mascots weren’t introduced until the 1980s. With cartoon shows and other items created in conjunction with the competition, the mascots are mostly aimed towards youngsters.

The following is a list of every Euro mascot since the event’s initial 1980 unveiling:

1980s Italy: Pinocchio

At the time of the competition, Pinocchio, the inaugural mascot, was among the most widely read books worldwide. It wore a white cap with EUROPA 80 imprinted on it and was dressed in the colors of the Italian national flag.

France, 1984: Peno

The mascot was Peno, a juvenile domestic cock that was white and meant “penalty” in French. It was clad in the host country’s uniform and is a classic national symbol of France.

Germany in the West Berni, 1988

The 1988 mascot, Berni the Rabbit, wore a football uniform emblazoned with the colors of the German flag. It was given that name in honor of Berne, the previous home of UEFA headquarters and the site of Germany’s 1954 FIFA World Cup victory.

Sweden 1992- Rabbit

The 1992 mascot was also a rabbit, this time in the Swede national colors, and was named rabbit.

England 1996- Goliath

Goliath was similar to the original mascot of the 1966 World Cup called World Cup Willie. It was a lion dressed in an England kit, sporting an elegant white and navy jersey., bringing an end to the run of rabbits.

Netherlands/Belgium 2000- Benelucky

Benelucky was a combination of ‘Benelux’- the term for the three nations of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg- and ‘lucky’ for good luck. The part-devil, part-lion had a multicolored mane that incorporated the colors of both Belgian and Dutch national flags.

Portugal 2004: Kinas

The child with exceptional powers that represented the 2004 EURO mascot was most known for his halfway-line antics. The mascot, who wore the Portugal team uniform, got its name from the five blue shields, or Aquinas, that are shown on Portugal’s coat of arms.

Switzerland and Austria 2008: Flix and Trix

With Shaggy’s Feel the Rush serving as the official music, the mascots were twins who stood in for the two host nations, Austria and Switzerland. They went by Trix and Flix, and their outfits were red and white football stripes, which correspond to the colors of Austria’s and Switzerland’s national flags.

2012 in Poland and Ukraine: Slavek and Slavko

Slavek and Slavko, the mascot twins, stood in for the host countries, Poland and Ukraine. One wore the Polish flag’s colors of white and red, while the other donned the Ukrainian flag’s colors of yellow and blue.

2016 France: Super Victor Super When Victor was younger, he wore the France national football team’s uniform, complete with a crimson cape worn at the back to symbolize the French flag. It was said that the child’s superpowers—being able to fly from one host city to another—came from the cape, boots, and ball.

2020 Euro: Masterful Freestyler Through a talent competition held across Europe, Skillzy was chosen for the EURO 2020 job. He was a figure who performed flips and feats to retrieve the ball. He was influenced by panna culture, street football, and freestyle football.

Albart, Germany, 2024

Albert, the teddy bear, is designed to honor the teddy bear, which is thought to have originated in Germany in the early 1900s. The big-eyed, headstrong mascot wears boots, socks, and a football jersey.



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