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Cricket – Indian women’s Cricket

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  • Cricket - Indian women's Cricket

cricket – Indian women’s cricket

cricket – this event in 2017




Mithali Raj has shared a photo on her Twitter. Cricketers Veda Krishnamurthy, Nusheen Al Khadeer, and Mamta Maben were also present in that photo along with Mithali. Mitali wrote that it was a wonderful day in the company of great friends. In the photo, Mithali’s dress was seen to be wet with sweat near the armpits. In our country, empty-handed people are moping.

They see this and start trolling Mithali. From sweating, posting photos while sweating, looks, dresses, and so on. After a while, Mitali noticed this. Mithali gave a reply to these empty masses that they should hit a straight drive in the dugout. Mithali wrote I have reached this place today because of years of sweat in the field. I am not ashamed to sweat.

Sweating is quite natural in a tropical country like India. To adapt to the hot environment outside, the body throws out sweat. Doctors say that if there is no sweat, there can be a problem. But in our country, there are rigid ideas of beauty. People also think that celebrities should be around forever. A person who wears so much makeup that it hurts the body can be admired. But the congregation is ahead to troll the sweaty celebrity. Mithali ended the subject with a verbal jab.

Second case

This incident also happened in 2017. Indian women’s cricket match was against England in the World Cup. After the opening pair takes the field, the third and fourth batsmen are ready to sit. Such is the time of stress. You never know when the wicket will fall and you will have to leave quickly. During this cricket match, the camera caught Mithali reading a book while in such a ready position. Foot pads, armguards, etc.

The helmet-bat weapons were all set aside and Mithali was quietly reading a book. The main thing is that there was no manipulative candidate like they do now. She was concentrating on reading, she was not looking at the camera when this frame was captured in the camera. She was asked about it after the match. Mitali’s answer is worth remembering. She said I like to read. Due to the rules, I can’t carry gadgets like a Kindle during the match. This is a book by a 13th-century Persian poet. Cricket is a stressful time to go batting. Reading a book feels peaceful.

Another incident in the same cricket tournament. There is a press conference before the match. Mithali, who is your favourite male cricketer? It was asked. Mithali was not irritated by this question but her answer was a slap in the face. She said, do you ask the same question to a male cricketer? Do you ask a male cricketer who is your favourite female cricketer? Why do you ask?

Mithali Raj, who has a 23-year-long career, decided to stop yesterday. Mithali has also clarified that even if she stops playing, she will be connected with the game in some way.

Mithali’s cricket contribution, career, and records will be discussed. But from a social point of view, one should think about how important her playing is. On the same day that Mithali announced her retirement, Mint newspaper in its reportage style two-page article called Long Read reported on the recently released National Family Survey on how the employment rate of women is decreasing, how their health is suffering, and how women are spending most of their time in maintaining the house.

Usually, when a girl turns 10, her marriage begins. In some villages, a girl is made to stand on the boh until she finishes school. You should easily remember that every day children go to play somewhere in the society, in the nearby field, in the far village. Cricket innings are sure to be colourful on holidays. Even boys who are employed after finishing their education play cricket. Do you remember girls playing cricket together like this?

Boys form a cricket team in schools and colleges. How often do you see a picture of a girls’ team practising on the field? Even today this picture is rare. We have set an unwritten proforma that the child should complete his education, get married, build a family, and raise children. It is a positive thing that the number of working women who are doing hard work is increasing, but even today, a large number of women are stuck in the middle of cooking.

There is nothing wrong with feeding one’s own family with love, but the idea that this girl can take up a job and business if given an opportunity does not seem to come easily. If a girl wants to play cricket, will she be able to get a separate place, will the girl have to play with boys, will the girl feel safe while playing, if playing is the only career option, will there be a coach-academy available in the nearby area for this?

After playing cricket, what about education, how will marriage happen, and what will happen after marriage, the next series of questions are also ready. All these questions were there when Mithali started playing. As she and her family faced questions, Mithali also faced stares at the girl playing cricket. After realizing that she loved playing cricket, Mithali maintained that passion throughout her life. Social and economic obstacles kept coming but she did not back down.

Indian women’s cricket has to be considered in two phases. BCCI has brought women’s cricket under its umbrella It took a time and the time before that. Women’s cricket had separate organization and administration. Resources were limited. Women cricketers used to travel by train. The remuneration was barely there. There were problems even when the ground was available for practice. Even today there are no clean toilets in the stadium.

This facility was not possible at that time. If we had to go to a competition, we used to stay in a simple hotel. There was no financial stability as there was no contract. Women’s cricket matches were rarely seen on TV. Due to all this, the coverage of women’s cricket matches was negligible. In 2006, BCCI included women’s cricket in its fold after a huge push. Good hotel accommodation, good facilities for practice.

NCA for injury management started getting everything. Travel started by plane. The number of foreign tours increased. The players were signed. Domestic women’s age group competitions increased. The number of coaches coaching girls increased. The performance of players like Mithali Raj-Jhulan Goswami made girls think of playing cricket. It is said that a generation eats kata. They stumble every time. There are situations where even fighting is tiring. Mithali belongs to that generation. But all these experiences did not make her bitter. She gave the torch to the new generation to do the best for the country. He shared his experience with the young players. New cricketers refer to Mithali as Mitudidi. Madam etc. do not.

She set a role model for young players due to her consistency in performance even though she is getting older. Mithali’s bat continued to shine in all three formats, Test, ODI, and Twenty20. To play two decades in international cricket requires extreme consistency in both sports and fitness. Mithali handled both fronts ably. Mithali Raj’s name is along with Sachin Tendulkar, Javed Miandad, and Sanath Jayasuriya in the list of players with a career of more than twenty years. Mithali has played for India for 22 years and 274 days.

Mithali’s average of 50.6 in ODIs is comparable to Dhoni’s figures. She has the most runs in ODIs. Mithali has led India in as many as 155 matches. India has won almost 60 per cent of these matches. Mithali’s name is on the list of successful Indian captains like Dhoni, Ganguly, and Azharuddin. She is the only woman cricketer to score a double century for India in Test cricket. She has the most catches in international cricket. Mithali has represented India in 6 World Cup competitions. The list of records is endless. A man’s work should speak for itself, Mithali’s stats are eloquent enough.

Mithali has studied Bharatnatyam. Mithali’s Tamil family had no one to play with. Her parents’ strong support is invaluable. Mitala was interviewed on the program Breakfast with Champions. As people grow up, they formalize or should. Mithali is seen smiling at this event. This interview is very recent. It is after earning everything in the career. If you have time, be sure to watch this interview on YouTube.

Women’s IPL can be held next year. This will be a big milestone for women’s cricket. Mithali is one of the top players in bringing women’s cricket here. On the occasion of Women’s IPL, Mithali can be seen as a commentator, coach, or any other role. The word Mithali means friend. There is no better example of a close friendship with cricket.



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